Toxic waste in Cuyahoga County

Are you a data wonk?

Urban Institute has developed a data tool showing toxic waste sites to HeadStart programs. I used the tool to identify lead hotspots near Headstart programs (see screen shot below) and I was surprised to find hot spots where I didn't expect them. WHAT CLASH NEEDS is a data/mapping expert to drill down to where we can identify the exact locations represented on the map.  Can you help?

Here is a background story from the PD that can help define the sources of lead pollution. See another PD story here.

Even if you're not a data wonk. A companion Urban Institute website provides case studies of how communities have address toxic exposure problems. If you have the time it might be useful review these case studies to see what lessons community activists can take to mitigate toxic exposures. Thanks Yvonka for sharing these resources.