Information for Families

  • Akron Childrens' Hospital Videos on lead poisoning

  • Keeping Immigrant Families Safe and Healthy. "This book, written by Ngo Hna, a refugee. provides the information that you need to maintain a safe and healthy home for you and your family. When Ngo immigrated to the United States, she saw that many new Americans face difficult challenges when first arriving and one of the biggest adjustments is getting used to life in a new home.

  • Nice Primer for Parents no matter where you live. September 14, 2021. Milwaukee Neighborhood News. Worried about lead poisoning in Wisconsin? Here’s what you should know.

  • Not a solution to lead in drinking water, but a good first step. October 2, 2021. Capital News Service. Drinking water filters eyed as better option to testing in schools and day care centers "Children’s health advocates are pushing to install drinking water filters in Michigan schools and child care centers to protect them from lead poisoning. The project, named Filter First, would provide schools with filtration stations that reduce lead in drinking water instead of requiring the costlier periodical testing of water for lead. The move could cost about $55 million in the first year, said Charlotte Jameson, a water policy program director for the Michigan Environmental Council. That’s still cheaper than the 'test and tell' method that includes testing of all drinking water fixtures and then replacing those that test positive for lead above a set action level, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council and Safe Water Engineering."

Cleaning where lead hazards exist

Rent a HepaVac and do a thorough cleaning while children and pregnant women are outside the home.

Professional cleaning agencies that have experience with Lead safe cleaning standards may be of assistance.

Regular cleaning tips.

Use Dustwipes to do spot clean ups after a thorough cleaning.

Report Lead Hazards. Chipping, peeling, deteriorated paint or bare soil.

Demand Disclosure. Landlord must deliver a written notice of known lead hazards in properties built before 1978. Here's the law. Here's where to complain. Or at US EPA Region V.

Maintenance staff and contractors are required to use lead safe practices in pre-1978 properties. Here's the law. Here's where to complain. Or at US EPA Region V.

Self testing your rental unit. Over the counter Lead Testing kits can give an indication of a lead hazard, but they are no substitute for a lead risk assessment by a state licensed professional. Low income renters may be eligible for DIY lead testing from CLASH.

Unsafe demolition in your neighborhood? Contact US EPA Region 5 at once.

Information for Tenants

If a public agency fails to respond to your complaints, feel free to contact CLASH at 216-359-1060 (voice or text) or

Training for Lead Safe Remediation

Lead Safe Workers