Resources for Families

Three steps that families can take to address lead hazards at home

  • Cleaning can reduce lead exposure

  • Identifying Lead hazards in your home

  • Report Lead Hazards to Landlord and City of Cleveland

Step 1: Cleaning your home.

  • Rent a HepaVac and do a thorough cleaning while children and pregnant women are outside the home.

  • Professional cleaning agencies that have experience with Lead safe cleaning standards may be of assistance.

  • Regular cleaning tips.

  • Use Dustwipes to do spot clean ups after a thorough cleaning.

Step 2 Identifying Lead Hazards in your home

Look for chipping, peeling or deteriorated paint surfaces or bare soil. Besides a visual inspection, you can purchase an EPA approved Home Lead Test Kit. More info here.

Step 3: Report Lead Hazards to your landlord and the City of Cleveland

  • Notify your landlord in writing of the test results and any signs of chipping, peeling or deteriorating paint surfaces. Email or Text Message is a written notice. KEEP A COPY. CLASH can provide a Sample letter that you can use. Call or text 216-359-1060 or email

  • Then: Report your complaint Cleveland’s Citizen Complaint Line. Dial 311 or email:

Lead Safety Primers


If you fail to get a response from your landlord or the City of Cleveland, contact CLASH to learn more about your rights.