Lead in Water

Lead  in water pipes and water fixtures can pose a risk for children.  Luckily the Cleveland Division of Water has lots of information you can use.

DIY resources for lead in water

12-04-23. Fast Company. Does your home’s drinking water contain lead? Here’s how to find out. "The EPA will require cities to start replacing lead pipes—but your home’s drinking water could still be contaminated."

October 23, 2023. Natural Resources Defense Council. How to Find Out If Your Home Has Lead Service Lines. A step-by-step guide to help you check for lead pipes—and the questions to ask of your local water utility. Note: use caution in scraping pipes that may contain lead. Use gloves and masks to avoid picking up lead particles.

EPA. Protect Your Tap: A Quick Check for Lead

CDC. Choosing Home Water Filters & Other Water Treatment Systems

Home lead test kits sold at retail and big box stores may not provide accurate results. Best bet is a state certified laboratory.