Writing for CLASH

Tell your survivor story

Your experience as a parent or child survivor of lead poisoning can help other survivors understand that there's hope in determination. Three options:

  • Write your story in your own words

  • Hold an interview with a CLASH citizen journalist.

  • Make a video of your story. CLASH will help!

Writing a Letter to the Editor

Here's an example

Sep 16, 2021. The Sentinel. Letter: Protect children from lead. "As part of an organization that advocates the Lead-Free Promise Project, I support its goals to get the state to create a fund for low-income homeowners and landlords to remove lead-based paint hazards in properties, guarantee all children get tested twice for lead at ages 1 and 2 and ensure all poisoned children are referred to early intervention services. I urge Gov. Wolf and all state legislators in the Southcentral PA region to support these goals and protect our children by doing what is in their best interest developmentally, physically and emotionally."