Sponsor Lead Safety Event or Project

Sponsor your own lead safety event or project

Your civic, social, faith, or community organization can host a lead safety awareness event to underscore the need for citizen action. Here are some examples:

Tell your family's story

Some folks won't understand lead hazards  until they hear it with their hearts. Here's some examples

Jun 26, 2023. tmj4.com. Family shares story of lead poisoning and work to educate others. MILWAUKEE — There's a children's book from Milwaukee that tells the story of a little boy who got sick from exposure to lead. 'The lead monster crept into the house through the lead paint and the window sills," said Aidan Branch, reading from the book. He knows the story well. It's personal — both he and his mother, Deanna Branch, have been hospitalized for lead poisoning." Watch a video here.

CLASH is coordinating with US EPA Region 5 to bring SoilSHOP events to Cleveland. 

EPA provides soil testing and information on soil toxics to gardeners, recreation providers, and community planners. Local sponsors provide space and supplementary information on lead safety issues.

Soil Screening, Health, Outreach, and Partnership (soilSHOP) events provide community members with free lead screening of soil gathered from their gardens or outdoor play area(s). Through soilSHOPs, ATSDR and partner organizations provide health education and outreach to help people learn if their soil is contaminated and how to reduce exposures.