Sharing the CLASH message

Andre and Molly: Tabling at Harvard Square 2021.

CLASH 101 Short presentations for small groups.

Sources of lead in the environment: Paint, Soil, Water.

Impacts of childhood lead exposure

  • childhood neurological impairments.

  • Infants/toddlers: Slow to meet developmental goals. withdrawal symptomatic autism, aggression/hyperactivity'

  • elementary: slow learner, hyperactivity/distraction, symptomatic ADHD.

  • adolescent: risk taking, impulsive or irrational behavior, interactions with juvenile justice and police.

  • adults: heart, kidney and diabetes

Cleveland's Lead Safe Certificate Law: Owners of rental properties built before 1978 required to provide lead safe clearance testing once every two years.

  • Enacted in 2019 in response to CLASH's citizen petition.

  • Goes into effect in 2021 on a staggered basis

  • Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition, a public-private partnership, can provide financing and technical assistance to owners.

Tenants options -- identify lead hazards at home. file complaints with Cleveland Building and Housing and/or EPA.

Community Options: monitor vacant lots, abandoned houses, and demolitions. Report to EPA.

Questions and Discussion