Sharing the CLASH message

Tabling 101 -- some basics to keep in mind

CLASH is present at community events for two reasons

Your appearance and interest will bring people to the table. Reach out with your eyes, your smile, and your voice. (If you are yacking with your tablemates or friends, you are not "inviting" people to the table.

Standing up is more inviting than sitting at the table behind a stack of papers.

When a guest stops at the table be ready to explain who we are in one sentence. "CLASH is an all volunteer organization providing information and advocacy about lead safety."  

Know your product. Be able to direct customers to the information you have available. 

Thank them for stopping, tell them how to get more information (call, email, sign up for weekly newsletter). 

Keep a record (tabling log) of the number of contacts 

Andre and Molly: Tabling at Harvard Square 2021.

CLASH 101  Short presentations for small groups.


There's nothing wrong with saying "I don't know, but I'll find out."

 The sign-in sheet is the "payment" that CLASH receives for our volunteer time and expertise.