Volunteer with CLASH

Canvassing: distributing CLASH information and brochures to tenants in neighborhoods.

Small group outreach: providing short presentations on lead safe housing and answering a range of questions about lead hazards.

Tabling: passing out lead safe literature to citizens and answering a range of questions about lead hazards.

Submit a letter to cleveland.com The Plain Dealer or Sun News editor on a topic related to Lead Safe Housing.

Special Skills or Knowledge Roles

Legal Team member--if you have a background in law (lawyer, paralegal or other), the CLASH needs your advice on legal issues.

Graphic Design--Your artistic talents can help CLASH convey a lead safe message.

Festivals, Health Fairs, Food Distributions, and meetings give CLASH an opportunity to share infomation on lead safe housing.

Share news of upcoming community events.

Poisoned property survey

Volunteers are needed to conduct a windshield survey of homes that have been identified by Ohio Department of Health as lead poisoned properties. In many cases the warning placards have been removed and these homes have been re-occupied. In addition to identifying these properties, volunteers are needed to identify owners, tax delinquency, and on-going housing code violations from public records requests

Create your own lead safety event

Your faith, community, building or civic organization can host a lead safety awareness event to underscore the need for citizen action. Here are some examples:

  • In South Bend, Indiana, students from Notre Dame University promoted a Mulch Madness event on vacant lots around town to stress the need to cover bare soil on playgrounds and other public spaces.

  • In New Jersey, the Washington Township Rotary hosted lead screening for children in collaboration with the Sustainable Washington Township Green Team, Virtua Pediatric Mobile Services and the Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative — are designed to detect high blood lead levels and identify children at risk for lead poisoning.

  • In Louisville Ky, students teamed with health professionals to mount billboards to remind residents of the harm of lead poisoning. "One billboard featured mother Michelle Randolph and her daughters, who used a Healthy Home Instant Lead Tester to test the paint in their home. It read, “We tested our home for lead and thankfully we didn’t find any. It’s hard to be healthy at home when your home can be the thing making you sick.” The billboard campaign is estimated to have had over 1 million impressions, and the digital ad performed at 233% above the industry standard. It was just one part of Louisville’s fight against lead poisoning."

Conduct your own investigation

Find out if your local paint seller is in compliance. Codified Ordinance 240.07 (b) says: " All retail and wholesale outlets of paint and paint removal products shall distribute an EPA- approved lead hazard information pamphlet to each purchaser of paint and paint removal products."

How many renters in your community have received disclosures of known lead hazards? Penalties can be assessed. A recent study in Pittsburgh's Wilkinsburg neighborhood showed that 51 of 76 homes tested had lead hazards, but 78% of residents of the households were unaware of lead hazards.

Cleveland Codified Ordinance 240.06 requires "A seller or lessor of target housing [built before 1978] must disclose information concerning lead upon the transfer of any target housing pursuant to the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992, 42 U.S.C. 4852d, and shall adhere to all rules and regulations promulgated under the Act, as may be amended from time to time. Before a purchaser or tenant is obligated under a contract to purchase target housing or a rental agreement to lease target housing, the seller or lessor shall perform the activities and provide the disclosures described in this section.

Test the soil in vacant lots, around abandoned houses, and in playgrounds in your community. With just a little training, CLASH can have the samples tested to identify lead hazards in your community. Cincinnati Children's Hospital helped residents in Lower Price Hill make a map of lead hazards around schools, playgrounds and other public spaces.

Tell a story about Lead Safe hazards

CLASH need writers, reporters, and bloggers to spread the word about lead hazards. Your research.

CLASH needs a social media manager

Your first hand accounts of lead safety is a compelling tool for change. Write an op ed, blog, or feature story. Fir