HB 280

Disclaimer: Cleveland Lead Advocates is an all volunteer 501 c 3 organization. Since CLASH is all volunteer, no organizational funds are used for lobbying public bodies. 

Opponent Testimony on HB 280

Opponent Testimony for HB 280

Ways and Means Committee April 23, 2024

Andre P. White, Advocacy Chairperson

Cleveland Lead Advocates for Safe Housing

Chair Bill Roemer, Vice Chair Brian Lorenz, Ranking Member Daniel P. Troy and members of the Ways and Means Committee

Cleveland Lead Advocates for Safe Housing (CLASH) is an all volunteer, mostly self funded, coalition of 10 community based organizations committed to making Cleveland Lead Safe.  

We are writing to share our concerns about elements of House Bill 280 which is currently under consideration at the Ways and Means Committee. 

CLASH opposes changes to the Ohio’s system of certifying lead professionals. The current system of licensure protects citizens from lead hazards by requiring levels of proficiency and experience in the delivery of lead testing services. 

CLASH further opposes elements of HB 280 that would undermine the operations of municipal lead safety programs

Thanks for your attention to these concerns. 

Ohio House Ways and Means Committee has scheduled opponent testimony on House Bill 280 for next Tuesday.

CLASH has already submitted comments to the committee chairman in the hopes that the chairman would pause action on the bill. I'm planning to update our comments to the chairman and submit this as opponent testimony to the whole committee, no later than Monday at noon.  

Let me know if you have comments, questions or suggestions to add to this testimony.


April 19. 2024

December 5: Planning meeting notes Andre, Brooke, Brian, Chantal, Darrick, Molly, Samario, Spencer

What's in HB 280?

2. What should CLASH do?

3. What is our strategy?

4. Next steps

5. Worth a thought. HB 280 could be a trial balloon for rewrite and submit as an amendment to the next budget bill.

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