Cleveland Lead Advocates for Safe Housing

Lead Poisoning? Is that still a  problem? 

NOVEMBER 20, 2023. A new study says the global toll of lead exposure is even worse than we thought.


2024 looks to be another turning point year in the struggle to make Cleveland Lead Safe for future generations.

In the seven years since Cleveland Lead Safe Network founded and in the four years since the passage of Cleveland’s Lead Safe Certificate Law, CLASH has never wavered from its mission to make Cleveland Lead Safe.  

At our Faith and Civic Leaders Luncheon last month, US EPA staff from Chicago and DC reminded us that governments can pass laws and adopt regulations, but only citizens can make communities lead safe.

CLASH is an all volunteer coalition of individuals and grassroots organizations which is focused on making Cleveland Lead Safe. All volunteer means no fancy offices, no paid consultants, and no executive salaries. Mostly self-funded means that CLASH volunteers paying for their own gas and parking, use their own cars, phones and computers, and pay for copies and handouts out of pocket…and then then they make a cash donation too!

CLASH volunteers need your support. CLASH offers no premiums for your donation, no match grant challenges, no early bird specials. Our motto is “What we can do, depends on you.” And so CLASH invites you to Volunteer and Donate to make Cleveland Lead Safe. 

Visit Fundrazer to make an online donation or mail a check or money order to CLASH, 18115 Harvard, Cleveland 44128.

Cleveland Lead Advocates for Safe Housing (CLASH) is an all volunteer, largely self funded coalition of 9 community based organizations, working to make Cleveland Lead Safe. 

CLASH is fighting for the full and timely implementation of the Cleveland Lead Safe Certificate ordinance and expanding child lead testing for Clevelanders who are at risk of lead poisoning.

Make Cleveland Lead Safer

in 2023

CLASH is an all volunteer, largely self funded organization.

What we can do, depends on you.

If you want to make a donation by mail, send your check to CLASH c/o NEOBHC, 18115 Harvard Road, Cleveland 44128.