Cleveland Lead Advocates for Safe Housing

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Cleveland Lead Advocates for Safe Housing (CLASH) is an all volunteer, largely self funded coalition of 9 community based organizations, working to make Cleveland Lead Safe. CLASH advocates for full and timely implementation of the Cleveland Lead Safe Certificate ordinance and to expand the scope of lead safe protections for Clevelanders who are at risk of lead poisoning.

A Ladder of Engagement from Awareness to Governance

Governance -- manage the resources, set the goals, preserve the CLASH tradition, and protect the the history and tradition of CLASH.

Leadership -- skill and issue training for local activists, creation and support of civic engagement around lead issues.

Advocacy -- Research and promotion of public policy solutions to the problem of lead poisoning in Cleveland.

Action -- participate in events, research & planning, and provide resources: money, knowledge, contacts.

Awareness -- members of the public who understand the dangers of lead poisoning.

Make Cleveland Lead Safer

in 2023

CLASH is an all volunteer, largely self funded organization.

What we can do, depends on you.

If you want to make a donation by mail, send your check to CLASH c/o NEOBHC, 18115 Harvard Road, Cleveland 44128.