Citizen Science Research

Are grocery and convenience stores selling recalled products?

Twice in the past year the Federal Drug Administration has issued recalls of food - related products being sold in local stores. Did those stores comply and remove harmful products from their shelves?  

Conduct your own investigation 

Test the soil in vacant lots, around abandoned houses, and in playgrounds in your community.  With just a little training, CLASH can have the samples tested to identify lead hazards in your community. 

Center for Public Integrity has prepared a toolkit for soil testing around your community. CLASH can help. This summer CLASH will be sponsoring 4 SoilSHOP events around Cleveland where EPA will provide soil  lead testing for free.

When I Schumann in Macedonia Ohio blew up in 2023, lead dust filled the stream behind the factory and into the sewer.

What businesses around your home are releasing Toxic metals?

 CLASH can provide training in public records research to identify environmental hazards. 

On site investigations can confirm public records.

Have your neighbors been given lead disclosure information?
it's the law!

You can conduct a brief survey of your community to identify what properties should tested for lead hazards. CLASH's brochure on finding a lead safe home can help.