Citizen Science Research

Conduct your own investigation 

Do neighborhood playgrounds, rusted overpasses, or abandoned building create lead hazards in your community. CLASH will help you gather the evidence!

Here's some examples!

How many renters in your community have received disclosures of known lead hazards? Penalties can be assessed.  A recent study in Pittsburgh's Wilkinsburg neighborhood showed that 51 of 76 homes tested had lead hazards, but 78% of residents of the households were unaware of lead hazards. 

Test the soil in vacant lots, around abandoned houses, and in playgrounds in your community.  With just a little training, CLASH can have the samples tested to identify lead hazards in your community. 

Test the apartments and common areas in your multifamily building to identify lead hazards where you live. Training provided.

Examples of citizen science projects

Apex School Colorado. September 7, 2023. KREX Ascent’s doors are now open…but not the permanent ones "To recap, we’ve followed up on serious concerns over the past few weeks of lead poisoning in the building intended to house Ascent Classical, formerly known as Rocky Mountain Gun Club. Anne Landman, a local independent investigative journalist and concerned citizen has been digging deeper into this story." More here.