Residents First

What code enforcement efforts need to be addressed

Expand the Rental Registration base to include public housing - owned properties and identify and require RAD conversion properties. 

Create a fund, controlled by the Department of Community Development, to provide relocation assistance to households where there are existing lead hazards. CLASH Recommends:

Strengthen enforcement efforts on properties with Lead Hazard Control Orders (LHCOs). 

Expand resident participation in code enforcement

Since RF was passed

March 12, 2023. Columbus Dispatch Columbus nuisance property team adds social worker, attorney to help displaced residents "The Columbus Zone Initiative — a city program focused on eliminating nuisance properties — is hiring new staff and rebranding to become the Property Action Team, Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein announced at a Tuesday news conference. The team — which started as a pilot program in 2008 — works with other city departments like the Columbus Division of Police to shut down properties that are unsafe, illegal or a hub for crime. Here's what you need to know from Tuesday's news conference. What's new with the Property Action Team? The Property Action Team consists of five city lawyers, each assigned to one of police division's patrol zones. Last year, Columbus police added a sixth patrol zone, so the team is hiring a sixth lawyer to go with it, Klein said. The team is also hiring a full-time social worker to help residents displaced or affected by nuisance properties. The social worker will join the team's existing cohort of social work interns from Ohio State University."

Background Reading

May 30, 2023 City of Cleveland Property Inventory - 2023
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February 3rd, 2016. London School of Economics. The practice of demolishing abandoned houses in Cleveland, Ohio is limited in its capacity to address underlying causes of housing injustice''

Sep 29, 2016. WEWS. HUD report: CLE can't use funds for housing code enforcement. "A report just issued by The Department of Housing and Urban Development shows Cleveland has been improperly using hundreds of thousands in federal tax dollars for housing code enforcement. The HUD reports state Cleveland is not allowed to use block grant funds for housing code enforcement through its 19 community development corporation throughout the city."

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JULY 6, 2015, Next City Cleveland to Bring New Tech Tools to the Fight Against Blight. "Since moving from spreadsheet to cloud, the Building and Housing department has continued to embrace innovation.


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