Residents First

What  is proposed in Residents First?

Background Reading

May 30, 2023 City of Cleveland Property Inventory - 2023
April 15, 2022. The Land. Cleveland City Council wants better system for tracking nuisance complaints. Will the city step up?

February 3rd, 2016. London School of Economics. The practice of demolishing abandoned houses in Cleveland, Ohio is limited in its capacity to address underlying causes of housing injustice''

Sep 29, 2016. WEWS. HUD report: CLE can't use funds for housing code enforcement. "A report just issued by The Department of Housing and Urban Development shows Cleveland has been improperly using hundreds of thousands in federal tax dollars for housing code enforcement. The HUD reports state Cleveland is not allowed to use block grant funds for housing code enforcement through its 19 community development corporation throughout the city."

October 2015. Lincoln Land Institute. Vacant and Abandoned Property. Remedies for Acquisition and Redevelopment

JULY 6, 2015, Next City Cleveland to Bring New Tech Tools to the Fight Against Blight. "Since moving from spreadsheet to cloud, the Building and Housing department has continued to embrace innovation.


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Feb. 27, 2011. Community groups teaming with Cleveland in program to fight neglect and blight


What code enforcement efforts need to be addressed

Expand the Rental Registration base to include public housing - owned properties and identify and require RAD conversion properties. 

Create a non profit organization to manage relocation of displaced tenant households

Strengthen enforcement efforts on properties with Lead Hazard Control Orders (LHCOs). 

Expand resident participation in code enforcement

The problem: It is ironic that tenants have not been directly involved in plans for Residents First legislation. In a webinar held by CSU on September 23, 2023, Director Martin-O'Toole disclosed that "I'm also convening a realtor roundtable again something I had done for many years in South Euclid I talked to my good friend...Akil Hamid who is now the the president of the National Association of Realtors and he's a realtor that has been on the Southeast side of Cleveland." Later in response to a question about tenant involvement in the planning process, the Director name checked Phil Star "he's always very vocal for tenants" and stated that "Zach Germanek has one of our main people on the group as well has really represented a number of tenants, especially in the Slavic Village area. She also cited "all the work we've been doing with the moreland's group in Shaker Square on the city has filed for receivership actions in that area on apartment buildings with derelict owners we've been meeting with tenants regularly so our belief is that this package of legislation is going to benefit tenants quite directly...." (edited for clarity from webinar transcript)

CLASH recommends: