Schools as Partners in Lead Safety

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Here's what we know about lead in school

January 2019 Early Childhood Lead Exposure among Cleveland Kindergarteners by Neighborhood and School Enrollment  by Rob Fischer, Ph.D., Stephen Steh, M.A., & Tsui Chan 

Key points:  

2019 Aug 10 Early Childhood Lead Exposure and the Persistence of Educational Consequences into Adolescence

What's the News

December 19, 2023 WCMH via MSN. While Ohio fights lead in drinking water, schools remain out of the loop.  "When it comes to lead in school drinking water, Ohio has no regulatory requirements or state laws. However, the state is working to keep Ohioans safe from lead exposure in other ways. Gov. Mike DeWine announced millions of dollars will go to cleaning up lead in older homes, shelters, and daycares: $84 million is going to the Lead Safe Ohio project and Franklin County will be getting more than $5 million to address lead in older homes, shelters, and daycares. However, this money is not specifically targeting K-12 schools and a policy group said while this grant is a good step, more needs to be done. 'We evaluated the efforts that each state is taking or failing to take to stop this heavy toxic metal from getting into the water that our kids drink and unfortunately, we found that Ohio is still sitting at the back of the class,' Environment Ohio and Environment America Clean Water Director John Rumpler said." more here

Aug. 17, 2023. WTVG. Toledo Public Schools is offering free blood lead testing at a lead safety seminar this week. The seminar will take place on Aug. 17 from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Escuela SMART Academy located at 617 Western Ave. TPS says Escuela SMART Academy will host free educational sessions, both in English and Spanish, on the dangers of lead poisoning and ways to reduce and prevent exposure to lead. Scientists with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will be at the event for the presentations. In addition to the free blood lead testing, TPS says dinner will also be provided.

June 29, 2023. Signal Cleveland. Outgoing CMSD chief Eric Gordon says ‘hidden Cleveland’ still holding back students "In Eric Gordon’s view, there are still “two Clevelands.” In one Cleveland, choice abounds and students can take advantage of hundreds of great opportunities to thrive from grade school to career. The other, what he calls a “hidden Cleveland,” is distinguished by poverty, the effects of lead poisoning, housing instability, and other issues showing the persistence of systemic racism that holds students back from reaching their potential."

May 18, 2023. Signal Cle. Warren Morgan’s 100 day plan for Cleveland Schools. "Cleveland Schools’ next CEO, Warren Morgan, came to his job interviews prepared. Most notably, he brought a plan for his first 100 days on the job. Now that he’s in, Signal Cleveland asked for a copy. In a series of PowerPoint slides, Morgan outlines his ideas for a district-wide listening tour and “culture audit” of each district school. Morgan’s first 100 days officially begin July 1."

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