County Council and Executive

On February 28, 2023, Andre White from CLASH presented 5 recommendations to County Council. So far no response.

Two years ago, the County declared racism as a public health crisis. One striking example of health disparity is the prevalence of childhood lead poisoning.

Here's five things Cuyahoga County can do right now to address childhood lead poisoning, without hiring a consultant.

1. Require that moms and children enrolled in the County Women's Infants and Children (WIC) program are tested for lead exposure. Medicaid will pay the costs of the tests for moms and babies.

2. Require that all children in foster care are tested for lead exposure. Medicaid will pay the costs of testing. It's likely that children in foster care have not been receiving regular well-baby testing. MetroHealth can provide the service and Medicaid will pay.

3. Require that foster homes in rental properties in the City of Cleveland are in compliance with Cleveland's Lead Safe Certificate program. The Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition has funds to assist rental property owners come into compliance. 

4. Require that foster homes that are located outside Cleveland receive a lead risk assessment. Work with the County Board of Health to provide financial assistance to foster care families, if their homes are not lead safe. 

5. Conduct lead risk assessments in all county owned or operated facilities that serve children between the ages of 0-6 years. The cost of a lead risk assessment should be a part of on-going maintenance of these facilities built before 1978. 

A final concern is in the form of a question. US EPA data shows that the I. Schumann & Co factory in Oakwood Ohio was an emitter of lead into the air. Since the fire last week, is anyone in the County testing for lead in the areas surrounding the plant.