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Public Awareness

Projects include

  • Billboard project around child lead testing

  • Public comment period at Cleveland City Council -- testifying on lead safety issues.

  • Tabling with lead safe information at community events, health fairs, and group meetings.

  • Cookbook -- Low cost, high nutrition recipes that mitigate the effects of lead poisoning.

  • Mainstream media - Prepare Opinion articles and letters to the editor around lead safety issues that are in the news...or should be.

  • Facebook, Twitter, other media.

  • Paint seller survey responses and next steps.

Child Lead Test Team

Erika Jarvis-Jones Team Leader

Projects include:

  • Supermarket and grocery store displays.

● Child testing plan. Identifying barriers to child testing. Surveys, focus groups, deep canvassing with families, health and child care professionals.

● Canvassing child care providers to identify best practices in addressing lead issues.

● Outreach to community based organization to expand child testing opportunities.

Data Team

  • Open Meetings Open Records planning-access to public records.

  • Rental registration and lead certificate testing. Who's not complying with the Lead Safe Certificate Law.

  • Building a comprehensive searchable lead safe database from existing city services

  • Verifying owner certifications for evictions.

  • Identifying owners of Lead Hazard Control Order homes (poisoned homes)

Electoral Team

Andre White Team Leader

  • Brief candidates for State, County and Federal offices on lead issues that affect the community.

Lead Safe Housing for Kids Act (LSHKA) Team

Darrick Wade, Team Leader

  • Public awareness about legislation to extend lead safe protections to residents of Public Housing, Housing receiving project-based rental assistance and owners of properties receiving housing choice vouchers.