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November 5, 2022. Cleveland's Lead Safe Advisory Committee will meet on Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 1PM at City Hall, Room 509. Open to the public. There *should* be a zoom link for online participants...but who knows when that will be published!

November 5, 2022. Follow up report on Lead Screening and Testing Commission. -- After a year of agitating for the convening of Cleveland's Lead Screening and Testing Commission, the Cleveland Department of Public Health held a meeting with a teenie-weenie bit of public access. No recording has been made available, CLASH does not know when the next meeting will be held and we don't know who's on the commission but we did receive a copy of a report on the State of Child Lead Testing in Cuyahoga County.

Thursday, October 27, 8 a.m. – Lead Screening and Testing Commission. Under the leadership of Cleveland Department of Public Health Director Dr. David Margolius, the City’s Lead Screening and Testing Commission is holding a virtual meeting to discuss increasing childhood screening and testing rates.